Trung Le Phan

Remedial Massage Therapist


Trung, a highly skilled professional dedicated to optimizing human movement and wellness. With a solid educational background including a B.App.Sc. in Human Movement Studies (Exercise Physiology) and a Diploma in Remedial Sports Massage, Trung brings over 20 years of expertise to his practice.

Trung has honed his skills as a Head Strength & Conditioning Trainer for the Wynnum Manly Junior League Club, catering to athletes aged 22 years and above. His journey in the field has taken him far and wide, including an enriching internship at the prestigious Hong Kong Sports Institute during his university years.

During his tenure at the institute, Trung worked closely with athletes from diverse sporting backgrounds, including soccer, weightlifting, badminton, table tennis, squash, and rowing. His focus on strength and conditioning, coupled with injury rehabilitation, has left a lasting impact on athletes’ performance and well-being.

Trung’s forte lies in lifting techniques, corrective exercises, functional movements, and remedial treatment. He seamlessly integrates remedial therapy with corrective exercises to optimize outcomes for his clients. Specializing in addressing issues such as lower back and hip pain, as well as neck and shoulder restrictions, Trung’s holistic approach to therapy sets him apart.

Beyond his expertise in sports therapy, Trung is also a Level 2 Tennis Coach, showcasing his versatility and passion for sports. His adventurous spirit knows no bounds, as evidenced by his remarkable achievement of hiking to Mount Everest Base Camp.

With Trung’s guidance and expertise, clients can embark on a journey towards enhanced performance, injury prevention, and overall well-being.


  • B.App.Sc. in Human Movement Studies (Exercise Physiology)
  • Diploma in Remedial Sports Massage
  • Level 2 Tennis Coach