Therapeutic Pillow – Complete Sleeprrr Original – Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow – Soft Density


The Complete Sleeprrr Original Pillow is a luxurious cervical neck support pillow featuring removable foam inserts, giving 12 different adjustment options so you can create the perfect pillow to suit your comfort needs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Premium grade foam – Made in Australia
  • Designed to encourage side sleeping
  • Temperature-sensitive visco elastic Memory Foam ‘feeling is believing’!
  • Visco Memory Foam responds to your body’s warmth and actively moulds and shapes to your head and neck giving ample spine support
  • Encourages the natural alignment of your spine by providing evenly distributed support
  • Super-soft cervical neck support pillow
  • Cased in a ‘breathable’ open weave removable pillow cover
  • Features ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ sides of the pillow as well as contour variance for maximum individual support and comfort for side or back sleeping
  • Contoured design encourages side sleeping to enhance breathing and minimize snoring
  • Scalloped under-edges allow shoulder to slip snugly under pillow for a close-knit fit when sleeping on your side
  • Head and neck are properly cushioned and supported during sleep
  • Designed to help alleviate and avoid neck and shoulder stress and muscle stiffness
  • Memory Foam ‘noodles’ in corefoam surface can be removed to make for an even softer feeling pillow
  • Can assist asthma sufferers and others who require clear breathing patterns
  • Recommended by chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, myotherapists and naturopaths
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