WorkCover Physiotherapy

Vitalis Physiotherapy provides high quality WorkCover Physiotherapy in Brisbane. Our team is highly trained and our physiotherapists are ready to help you recover after your work related injury.

What is WorkCover Queensland?

WorkCover Queensland is a state government owned body responsible for providing insurance for workplace injuries. You may be eligible to make a claim for WorkCover Queensland benefits including WorkCover physiotherapy if your injury is work related.

Work place accidents are unexpected interruptions to your life and Vitalis Physiotherapy is here to help guide you through the process and get you back to work. Our highly experienced physiotherapist are here to not just get you back to work but to ensure that you are in the best shape to return to your role.

WorkCover Physiotherapy
WorkCover Physiotherapy

Am I eligible for WorkCover Physiotherapy?

You are eligible for physiotherapy under WorkCover schedule when you’ve been injured in a workplace incident, or have suffered from illness as a result of your occupation.

How to report a workplace injury?

  1. It is important that you have reported your work place injury / accident to your appropriate workplace supervisor.
  2. Your employer will notify you of their insurance details, but most QLD companies will be insured through WorkCover QLD or call 1300 362 128.
  3. Arrange to visit your GP and access a Work Capacity Certificate (medical certificate). This allows WorkCover Queensland to open a claim for you.
  4. Lodge your claim with Workcover Queensland. A claim number will be allocated to your case.
  5. Once your claim is approved, you will be eligible for 5 pre-approved physio sessions. If you have submitted your claim in the last few days, it is likely still pending approval from WorkCover Queensland. We can treat WorkCover patients with a pending claim, but you will be responsible for covering the cost of the appointment. However once the claim is accepted, any treatment previously paid for by you will be reimbursed. Contact WorkCover Queensland on 1300 362 128 to find out the status of your claim.
WorkCover Injury
WorkCover Certificate

Do I need a referral?

Yes, you require a WorkCover Queensland medical certificate (Work Capacity Certificate) from your GP to receive Physiotherapy under WorkCover Queensland. We accept all Workcover Queensland referrals and where the claim is accepted by Workcover Queensland there will be no out of pocket expenses for you.

Please ensure that you bring this document to your initial appointment.

What’s covered by WorkCover?

  1. Generally WorkCover Queensland pre-approve 5 sessions to assess and treat your issues. Your Physio will request more treatment sessions as may be required for your injury.
  2. Most items that your physio suggests for your recovery, such as theraband, roller or brace will be covered by WorkCover Queensland. This means no out of pocket expenses for you.
  3. While WorkCover does cover the cost of your physiotherapy treatment, if your physiotherapist recommends Shockwave Therapy treatment this will not be covered.
  4. WorkCover may also cover other aspects of your recovery such as income support. This is on a case by case basis and is out of scope for physiotherapist and is best discussed with your WorkCover case manager.

How to book an appointment?

All you need to do is just give us a call on 0410 559 856 and request an initial appointment. Please let us know that this is a WorkCover claim.

We will require from you:

  1. WorkCover Claim Number
  2. Work Capacity Certificate (valid medical certificate from your GP)


Need Help?

We know how difficult it can be scheduling a WorkCover physio appointment so we’ve made it easier and more convenient to get the physiotherapy care you need.

Call us on 0410 559 856. We’d love to help, be it in our clinic or the comfort of your home.

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