Nerve Disorders of the Shoulder Treatment

Nerve disorders within the shoulder affect nearby structures, and can cause pain, weakness and reduce mobility in the neck, shoulder and arm

At Vitalis Physiotherapy, our treatment for shoulder nerve pain and related disorders aims to:

What are nerve disorders of the shoulder?

There are many nerves that run along the shoulder and arm that innervate muscles and structures to facilitate movement and sensation. The development, type and severity of a nerve issues can vary from person to person. Damage to neural structures or increased pressure from surrounding tissues like cartilage or tendons applied onto a nerve often causes the affected area to become inflamed or irritated, resulting in a myriad of painful and debilitating symptoms.

Some nerve disorders of the shoulder can mimic each other or other shoulder conditions with similar symptoms, or occur independently of each other.  

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Types of nerve disorders affecting the shoulder

There are a few types of common nerve disorders which affect the shoulder. Some can be related to a nerve injury or pinched nerve, but more specific neural disorders can include:

What can cause shoulder nerve disorders?

Though certain nerve disorders have their own specific causes, some general risk factors can include:

  • Prolonged periods of laborious activity
  • Repetitive or sudden rotating/bending/pushing/pulling movements
  • Traumatic injuries – e.g., motor vehicle accidents, falls, etc.
  • Muscular spasms
  • Differential or pre-existing diagnoses of other musculoskeletal conditions
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Reducing Muscle Tension

What are the symptoms?

General symptoms of a shoulder nerve disorders can include:

  • Pain in both the affected and/or surrounding area of injury
    • Sharp, sudden, dull, ache – ranges in severity
  • Muscle spasms, weakness and/or fatigue
  • Nerve pain (pins & needles, tingling, sharp pain, burning, decreased sensation)
  • Worsened pain with movement and/or inactivity
  • Reduced range of movement
  • Poor stability, balance and strength
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Co-morbid or differential diagnoses of musculoskeletal injuries/conditions

Treatment for nerve disorders of the shoulder

If you are experiencing nerve pain in your shoulders or nearby in the arm or base of the neck, it is important that you see a medical professional to obtain a diagnosis and cause of your symptoms. You may be referred for scans to accurately determine diagnosis.


Though some nerve disorders have no cure, physical therapy is greatly beneficial at restoring movement, reducing pain and promoting healing. At Vitalis Physiotherapy, we tailor a unique treatment plan to aid in your recovery through:

  • Soft tissue mobilisations (massage)
  • Stretching exercises
  • Restoring range of movement
  • Postural improvement
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Dry needling
  • Taping
  • TENS treatment
  • Pre- & Post-Surgery rehabilitation
  • A unique home exercise program
  • Graded Exposure to load program

Your physiotherapist may also advise heat or ice application, rest and if necessary, pain medication. Additionally, they might recommend for you to use support braces, rehabilitation devices or a suitable pillow.


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