Vitalis Physiotherapy: About Us

Our principal physiotherapist, Marcin Lisewski grew up hearing old Polish tales about a fox named ‘Lis Vitalis’ (which literally means ‘the fox named Witalis’ in Polish). Perhaps because his own surname starts with ‘lis’ like the Polish word for ‘fox’, Marcin became attached to the story. He thought Vitalis would make a good name for a company one day.

Marcin grew up, went to uni and qualified as a physio but the name stuck with him. And it suits a physiotherapy practice very well.

Vitalis comes from a Latin word meaning ‘alive’. Our mission is to revitalise you through professional treatments that help you to get back to an active and healthy life.

We combine evidence-based practice with experienced professional insight. Our boutique physiotherapy practice opened in September 2018 and grew quickly as our patients recommended us to their family and friends. So, why should you choose Vitalis Physiotherapy?

Our Vision

To vitalize your health to live the life you want.

We believe that if you don’t measure, you’re just guessing

Your first physiotherapy private consultation with our practitioner takes approximately an hour and consists of:

  • A subjective assessment where we learn about the problem from your point of view. We’ll discuss your medical history, symptoms and the impact that the pain or injury is having on your life.
  • An objective assessment, where we examine you to identify the nature and severity of the problem. We’ll use various measurement tools to record your strength or flexibility. These measurements set an accurate baseline and enable us to monitor your recovery. We believe that if you don’t measure, you’re just guessing.
  • Developing a treatment plan, which we give to you in hard copy so you understand our approach.
  • Beginning treatment with carefully chosen hands-on therapies specific to your condition and exercise instructions for you to follow.  Depending on your condition, we normally spend another couple of sessions continuing your treatment. Usually, your fourth session is the ‘reassessment session’, where we measure you again to check your progress since the first session. Our patients and staff find it very encouraging to have this objective evidence of improvement.

We’re personal

Healing and recovery varies from person to person. We take time to learn about your lifestyle so we can develop a personalised treatment plan that fits in with your job, your family, or your desire to return to sport.


We’re a partnership

Effective physiotherapy is a partnership between the professional and the patient.

At Vitalis Physiotherapy, we spend time educating you about your condition so you understand what’s happened to your body and how the treatment works.

Then you make recovery your priority. You do much of the recovery work yourself between sessions, using our multimedia platform where you can access your personalised exercises.

We guide you through the process and try to make it as easy for you as possible but we can’t replace you! Your active participation is crucial for your recovery. If you’re consistent in doing your exercises, following your treatment plan and attending appointments, you’ll make better progress towards recovery.


We’re professional

We are a team of innovative, empathetic and dedicated healthcare professionals who care for clients at every age, stage and walk of life. Working in Australia and overseas has enabled us to experience different ways of practising physiotherapy and then incorporate the best approaches into Vitalis. We’re constantly honing our skills and take pride in providing the most up-to-date evidence-based treatments using state-of-the art equipment in a comfortable, private and friendly clinic.

Who Do We Serve

  • Private patients with or without private health fund.
  • We accept most of the private health funds. Claim processed on the spot. Ask your admin staff about your private health fund.
  • Workers’ Compensations patients (WorkCover)
  • WorkCover is an insurance payment scheme for work related injury.
  • Motor Vehicle Accident patients (CTP)
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA)
  • For more information please visit:
  • Medicare patients, Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC)
  • Patients referred by their GP under Medicare.

Fees and Billings

We have different prices for different services. Please, speak to our admin team to help guide you towards the best service for your particular needs. Fees are payable at the time of consultation. We accept cash, EFTPOS, MasterCard, Visa. Please speak to our reception team regarding claims relating to Workers’ Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accidents and Veterans’ Affairs.

Referral Honor

The greatest complement we can receive from our clients is a referral of family member or friend.

Contact Us

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