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Vitalis Physiotherapy tennis elbow treatment exercises are designed to:

Also known as lateral epicondylitis, tennis elbow is an injury which occurs in structures responsible for straightening your wrist and fingers. It can be the result of repetitive movements which involve frequent overhead arm raising, and in some rare cases, the root of the problem may stem from your neck. If you avoid undergoing tennis elbow treatment, it can become chronic, causing inflammation or swelling.

Despite the name, tennis elbow is not just a tennis-related injury. It can be a consequence of repetitive movements and gripping actions. As such, tennis elbow can be caused by a simple everyday activity like cutting, gardening, and carrying a heavier load, such as grocery bags. It is also common among plumbers and construction workers.

You will often feel weakness and pain radiating from the outside of their elbow to the forearm and wrist. It is possible to struggle with completing everyday tasks, such as holding or gripping any kind of object, even turning a doorknob. You are also likely to notice your hands shaking without any apparent cause.

When you notice the first symptoms, make sure to rest the arm as much as possible, ice it and resort to over the counter pain medication. If the problem persists and you are unable to ease the pain and weakness, contact Vitalis Physiotherapy on 07 3376 8801. We will tailor our treatment exercises to help reduce pain and restore strength in your arm.

While resting is the first advice you will receive, it is rarely effective and patients do not feel any relief until they undergo a personalised tennis elbow treatment.

At Vitalis Physiotherapy, we first perform detailed examination and testing to provide diagnosis and determine the potential source of the problem. During the exam, we assess the entire upper limb biomechanics with special attention to your neck to see whether it may be the cause of the problem.  Based on the information we collect, we will propose the best tennis elbow treatment exercises that we believe will be the fastest and most optimal road to recovery.

Some of the most effective tennis elbow treatment and prevention methods that we have tested over the years include:

  • Manual therapy which effectively mobilises joints in the elbow
  • Soft tissue mobilisation intended to ease muscle spasms and thus improve your mobility
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Kinesio taping to take the load of the muscles
  • Dry needling which helps to relieve pain

We also provide advice regarding the equipment you use on an everyday basis and can prescribe a specific set of tennis elbow treatment exercises to restore muscle strength and recruitment pattern.

Contact Vitalis Physiotherapy to discuss in greater detail tennis elbow diagnosis and treatment methods.

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