Accessory Navicular Syndrome Treatment

Accessory Navicular Syndrome is a visible bony protuberance on the inner side of the foot that can causes pain and inflammation.

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What is Accessory Navicular Syndrome?

The Navicular is one of the bones in your midfoot, located on the inside of the foot.

An Accessory Navicular is an extra piece of bone next to the navicular.  As a result, it can be seen as visible bony protuberance on the inner side of the foot.

The muscle posterior tibialis attaches to the navicular and the accessory bone is within the tendon. They are often only discovered when they become inflamed and aggravated.

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What are the causes?

Accessory navicular bones occur in approximately 10% of the population, though higher in Asian populations (~45%). The condition usually first occurs in adolescence, most commonly in females, and the prevalence of this condition occurring on both feet is around 70%.

Commonly they are asymptomatic and incidentally found on an x-ray.

What can cause them to become inflamed varies:

  • Acute trauma to the navicular bone
  • Irritation from tight footwear
  • Flat foot gait

What are the symptoms of Accessory Navicular Syndrome?

Often they cause no pain at all, but once inflamed you may notice:

  • A visible bony protuberance on the inner side of your foot
  • Redness and swelling around the bony prominence
  • Pain or throbbing in the midfoot, usually during walking, running or other physical activity

Treatment for Accessory Navicular Syndrome

What can I do at home?

  • Resting the foot and limiting physical activity
  • Wearing loose shoes
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