Our Team

The greatest asset at Vitalis Physiotherapy is our team of passionate health professionals who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our physios have many different areas of expertise, helping to provide valuable services for clients to help them achieve their health and treatment goals.

Marcin Lisewski


Marcin graduated with Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Medical University in Gdansk (Europe) in 2005. He started his career in Australia in 2008 when he graduated with Diploma in Remedial Massage from Australian Institute of Applied Science.

In order to work as a physiotherapist in Australia he completed an additional 4 years Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle (WA).

During his career Marcin has gained extensive knowledge and expertise that progressed him from a junior physiotherapist to a University Clinical Educator and Practice Manager. Marcin has worked in various clinics that specialized in musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

In 2018 Marcin decided to follow his unique philosophy of treatment and has founded Vitalis Physiotherapy. His methodical and structured approach to his consultation, coupled with his experience in treating patients with musculoskeletal problems, ensures that all patients under his care are diagnosed and treated as effectively and as quickly as possible.



  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Certificate in Spinal Manual Therapy
  • Level 1 of Watson Headache Approach, Watson Headache Institute
  • Level I Shoulder Treatment, Lyn Watson
  • Level II Shoulder Treatment, Lyn Watson
  • The Sporting Elbow, Wrist and Hand, Sports Physiotherapy Australia
  • Trigenics Shoulder Course, The Trigenics Institute of Functional Neurology
  • Trigenics Functional Muscle Neurology Lower Extremities Seminar, The Trigenics Institute of Functional Neurology
  • Brian Mulligan Concept A and B Module
  • McGill Method Level 1: Foundation for the Pain-Free Back
  • McGill Method Level 2: Assessment: Converging on a Precise Diagnosis
  • McGill Method Level 3: High Performance Training
  • Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy Certificate
  • Physiotherapy Clinical Educator Training – Assessment of student performance in clinical practice using the APP
  • MAT Assessment Course
  • Taping
  • Dry Needling
  • Pilates
  • Diploma Remedial Massage
Vitalis Physiotherapy

Tracey Lane

Senior Physiotherapist

Tracey graduated from University of Queensland with Masters of Physiotherapy studies in early 2009 and has a Bachelor of Science, Exercise Sports Science. She has over 7 years experience working with the Australian Defence Force, from acute injury management to full return to high level gym programs and return to work.
Tracey also has 5+ years experience in private practice. While able to work on all areas, Tracey has a keen interest in lower limb, pelvis, hips, Thoracic spine and low back injuries, chronic pain, pre and post-surgery and Clinical Pilates. She sees the body as a whole and believes in its ability to adapt, while utilising movement and Clinical Pilates as a movement based classification and treatment program that can provide better results than the traditional exercise approach to chronic conditions.

Tracey believes in empowering her patients to self manage and will work with you to reach your goals, reduce pain and maintain a healthy life.

In her spare time Tracey enjoys spending time with her family, yoga and skydiving as much as time allows.



  • Masters of Physiotherapy
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science)
  • Level I Shoulder Treatment, Lyn Watson
  • Mulligan Lower Quadrant, Mulligan
  • Physiotherapy Pilates Matwork Intensive Course, Pilates and Physio on Collingwood
  • DMA Clinical Pilates Unit A and B, DMA Clinical Pilates
  • Clinical Pilates Level I and II, DMA
  • Clinical Pilates Level III and IV, DMA
  • The Thoracic Spine in Sport, Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Hamstring assessment and prevention, Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Sports Level 1, Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Sports Level 2, Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Level 1 Exploring the sporting Hip and Groin, The Hip and Groin Clinic
  • Level 2 Exploring the sporting hip and groin, The Hip and Groin Clinic
  • Everyday foot and ankle, Craig Allingham
  • Functional Strength and Sports Conditioning, Health Adventure
  • Adductor Magnus, Physiosports Brighton
  • Tendinopathy symposium, Physiosports Brighton
  • Tendinopathy Clinical Assessment, Physiosports Brighton
  • Hip Symposium, Physiosports Brighton
  • Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy Certificate
  • Taping
  • Dry Needling

Kinga Lisewski

Practice Manager

After tying the knot with Marcin in August 2018 Kinga decided to bring her expertise in the business and administration field to our team at Vitalis Physiotherapy.

Her warm and friendly personality will be evident when you are greeted by her on your arrival and she looks forward to meeting all of our wonderful clients. Kinga is passionate about active lifestyle and her rescue dogs Moka and Cookie.