Meralgia Paresthetica Treatment

Meralgia Paresthetica is the tingling, numbness and burning pain in your outer thigh caused by nerve compression.

At Vitalis Physiotherapy, our treatment of Meralgia Paresthetica aims to:

What Is Meralgia Paresthetica?

Meralgia Paresthetica is where the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve is compressed, trapped, or pinched.

* For pregnant women, weight gain caused by your growing baby can put pressure on the groin. This added pressure can compress the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, leading to this condition. The symptoms of Meralgia Paresthetica may get worse the further along your pregnancy is, but normally go away after giving birth.

What Are The Causes?

  • Wearing tight clothing
  • Recent injuries to the hip
  • Repetitive motion of the legs
  • Weight gain caused by pregnancy

What Are The Symptoms?

Meralgia Paresthetica impacts the skin on the outer thigh. Symptoms generally occur unilaterally.

  • Tingling, numbness, burning or stabbing pain on the outside of the thigh
  • Increased pain when lying on the affected side
  • Sensitivity to light touch and different textures in the affected area
  • Sensitivity to changing temperatures in the affected area
  • Standing or walking for long periods makes the pain worse

Treatment For Meralgia Paresthetica

  • Self management techniques
  • Personalised treatment plan
  • Tailored Exercise Program

What Can I Do At Home?

  • Avoid standing or walking for too long
  • Always wear loose clothing
  • Use a pregnancy pillow, and try to avoid lying on the affected side (for pregnant women)

How To Book An Appointment?

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